Remote Viewing - Postcard Versions

On their second album in as many years, the promising Dublin based duo do some low-key soul searching over a charming set of indie pop jams.

Postcard Versions brand of bedroom indie pop is quite literal in its approach - the Dublin based duo of Ross Hamer and Paddy Ormond proudly recorded their self titled debut and this follow up in a Temple Bar bedroom (attracting just the one noise complaint so far, which by their own admission isn't ''very rock and roll''). It's a process that perfectly suits the blissed out, super chilled vibes of Remote Viewing, but if you were expecting a lo-fi sound to match the duo's laid back aesthetic, you'll be pleasantly surprised - there's an unmistakably clean, bright sheen to this mix, making for a delightfully breezy listen.

Hamer and Ormond have an endearing penchant for self-depreciation and previously described themselves a shameless imitation of Real Estate when they started out together, yet the influences that come to mind on Remote Viewing are varied and beguiling - everything from The Shins on the punchy, singalong 'Give Up' to Loaded era Velvet Underground with the deadpan jangle pop of 'Do You Consider?' and 'Relatively Safe Neighborhood', both of which are particular standouts in these brisk thirty eight minutes.

Perhaps the most telling comparison of all though would be Belle & Sebastian, with the soft anecdotal beauty of the Glaswegian idols buried in Hamer and Ormond's gift for subtly weaving in loftier lyrical themes than might be suggested by the sweet arrangements of these jaunty acoustic jams. The duo's skilful use of organ, keyboards and piano is another intruiging feature of these ten tracks, showcasing a developing musical repertoire in addition to the thematic cohesion of this collection,and suggesting a baroque element to the band's sound which is hopefully further explored down the line.

With its low-key soul searching and charming instrumentation, Remote Viewing marks a definite step up for Postcard Versions following their pleasurable 2019 debut. This contemplative and endlessly catchy sequel suggests a bright future ahead for the bedroom dwelling Dubliners.

7.5 / B

Best Tracks: 'Do You Consider?'/'Learning to Talk'/Relatively Safe Neighborhood'

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