Delusions Of Grandeur - THUMPER

THUMPER more than live up to their moniker on an electrifying and wildly energetic debut.

"Rock'n'roll is here to stay" riffs Oisin Leahy Furlong in the midst of chaotic, cocaine fueled diatribe 'Topher Grace' around the midway point of Delusions Of Grandeur, and it's pretty hard to argue with the psychedelic wall of noise that THUMPER power all the way up to eleven throughout the entire duration of an electrifying debut in which the Dublin quintet wield their trio of guitarists and double drumkits with an almighty vengeance.

Having steadily built their reputation and cult fanbase through extensive touring around Ireland, the UK & Europe over the past couple of years, THUMPER arrive with a highly developed, no frills hardcore sound as well as a fully formed identity and distinct style on one of the most assured Irish debuts you’ll hear this year.

The explosive experimental rock on display throughout these ten tracks traverses a wide variety of influences, incorporating elements of 80s hardcore, 90s lo-fi, shoegaze and post-punk while never quite committing to one identifiable niche – instead what we have is a near hour of carnage in the best sense possible, a smorgasbord of noise that draws on icons such as Sonic Youth and Deerhunter as much as contemporaries shame and IDLES.

The record bursts out of the gates with a trio of dynamite bangers that skillfully combine the distorted sonic freakouts of an album like Cryptograms with improvisational jam sequences that recall Daydream Nation, carried all the while by a powerful foundation comprising the addictive hooks of Alan Dooley and Alex Harvey with the kind of singalong choruses which Leahy Furlong belts out again and again throughout the record, most notably on obvious single material '25' and 'The Loser'.

While there’s no lull in Delusions of Grandeur’s brutal blast of extensive alt-rock jams, the five piece save their most ambitious composition for last. The ‘Overbite Suite’ is a closing 20-minute trilogy comprising a collection of tracks written and recorded as one piece, which veers wildly between the bombastic psychedelia THUMPER execute so well throughout this debut ('Overbite'), the band's panache for extended instrumental interludes ('The Ghost') and an altogether more unexpected closing power ballad. As the final movement in this verifiable rock opera, ‘Down In Heaven’ puts frontman Oisin Leahy Furlong front and centre on a vulnerable conclusion that leaves a powerful statement of possibility for where THUMPER could go next.

Epic in scope and sound, Delusions Of Grandeur is a hard hitting introduction that justifies the hype for one of Dublin's most promising new rock bands.

8.0 / B+

Best Tracks: '25'/'The Loser'/'Overbite'/'Down In Heaven'

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