Andrew Lambert

Hi there, I'm Andrew, founder and author of Either/Or, a new music blog for all kinds of music nerds.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, I've been writing about music on and off for the past decade, published most prominently by, Totally Dublin magazine and among others.

I conceived Either/Or during lockdown 2020 as a way for me to focus my work on a single platform, stay creative and build a portfolio of album reviews and rankings.


More than anything this is a place for me, as a fanatic of all kinds of music, to get all of the thoughts I have on any given record off my brain and down on a page, and hopefully that might be useful to those looking for recommendations or reviews of their favourite artists.

I also want this to be an interactive space for independent artists and readers to get in touch with their own work or even just a suggestion for something they'd like covered, so if you want to reach me directly to suggest a review, hit the mail button below and don't be shy!

Thanks for reading!